Our companies need safety. They want to know and understand texts about taxes in order to respect them and avoid any incident.

This need is particularly obvious in tax matters.

Cabinet Pierre Abadie publishes every year the Tax Code of Burkina Faso, which is the collection of official texts.

But, as the Bible in Hebrew, some provisions in the Code are accessible only to insiders and are subject to various interpretations.

This fiscal memento written in simplified English, meets that need of clarification.

It is intended for entrepreneurs, students, tax advisers, etc. wishing to easily find legal information and author’s comments.

Each tax is presented as a summary table that provides a clear view of the game’s rules, and addresses basic questions:

  • Who (pays the tax?)
  • What (on what basis the tax is calculated?)
  • How much (do you pay?)
  • When (period of tax declaration and payment)
  • Where (do we declare and pay the tax?).

A table of contents makes researches easier.

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